Grótopo: Plant Information Software Company

Grótopo Plant Software

An exciting new adventure for Leslie is the formation of a new company called Grotópo. In conjunction with her partners Chad Waite and ZaneRay Group, we are developing a software company that enables the collection of information through plant tags,  photos and observations. This allows you to create a growing record […]

National Heirloom Expo: Interview on the Late Bloomer Show

Leslie Lowe Interview at Heirloom Expo with Kaye Kittrell

Leslie had a fabulous time at the National Heirloom Expo in California in 2017. While there, she was interviewed by Kaye Kittrell. Kaye runs the Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show. Leslie and Kaye talk about the cold climate food forests she has designed in British Columbia and Whitefish Montana.  […]

The Anatomy of a Great Dog Park

Dog Park Design

What makes a great dog park? John Metcalfe of CityLab interviews Leslie Lowe on the design elements that make all the difference for a successful dog park – one that is enjoyable for dogs and humans alike. From the article – The Anatomy of a Great Dog Park: “A lot […]

Our Dog Park Featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine

Landscape Architecture Dog Parks

Our landscape architect Leslie Lowe, as well as one of our projects, the Hugh Rogers WAG dog park, were recently featured in the Landscape Architecture Magazine. Read the article, ‘Dogs are the New Kids’ (April 2016 edition):

We Designed one of the Top Ten Dog Parks in The USA

best dog park design usa todya

USA Today’s website recently published a collection of the “Ten Best: Amazing dog parks” in the USA.  A dog park we designed, Hugh Roger’s Dog Park in Whitefish Montana,was on that list. This is how the Hugh Rogers Dog Park was described in the original USA Today article: 10 Best: […]

Holistic Land Management: Pulling at My Heart Strings

Holistic Managment Course at Clear Sky BC

I just came back from Clear Sky Meditation and Study Centre where I attended a Holistic Land Management course with Jeff Goebel of About Listening. I went expecting the unexpected and I was delightfully and vigorously inspired. Conflict over resources Clear Sky is in the middle of my favorite place […]

Building a Great Dog Park – An Overview

Dog Park Landscape Design

Case Study: Hugh Rogers WAG Dog Park, Whitefish, Montana I have been involved as a designer and now a Landscape Architect with the Whitefish Animal Group, WAG, Dog Park for over six years. I was fortunate to come on board when the dream of a select group of dedicated volunteers […]

2014 Best of Whitefish Awards for Landscape Planning Services

Best of Whitefish Landscape Architect

We have been awarded the 2014 Best of Whitefish Award for Landscape Planning Services.  We are very pleased to have been selected as a leader in our field and a contributor to high standards of business excellence in Whitefish, Montana. For details and more information please view the White Fish […]

Food Forest Agriculture: Seeds of Change

Food Forest at Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC

I recently gave a presentation at Montana Native Plant Society’s Flathead Chapter on Food Forests and other sustainable thoughts. My talk focused on a project in South Eastern British Columbia which I have been involved with for 7 years. It really has been a special project for me as a […]

Photo Essay: Restoring a Site to Native Plants

Storing Sod

These photos show the steps we took to protect and restore the native plants on a site for our landscape architecture client. This involved removing, storing then replanting sod and plants from the site. Prior to this it was also important to minimize disturbance of the overall site during excavation […]