Sustainability: Food Forest Agriculture, BC

Food Forest at Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC

Food Forest Windbreak Clear Sky Centre BC

A One Acre Cold Climate Food Forest

This one-acre food forest site employs an integrated, sustainable agroforestry system that provides diverse harvests and builds soil health. This project is located at and lead by Clear Sky Centre, in South Eastern BC. The model tests diverse food plant varieties arranged into multiple canopy layers and alleys, including blueberry, haskap, raspberries, currants, apple, pear, plum, hawthorn, edible mountain ash, butternut, black walnut, bur oak, asparagus beds, and other herbaceous crops, together with an integrated wind break planting of caragana, linden, Manitoba maple and willow.

Richard Walker, one of Canada’s most experienced Forest Gardeners, is the consultant working with Beargrass Landscape Architecture for the design and planning of this project. Read more about the food forest here: Clear Sky Food Forest, BC.