The Anatomy of a Great Dog Park

What makes a great dog park? John Metcalfe of CityLab interviews Leslie Lowe on the design elements that make all the difference for a successful dog park – one that is enjoyable for dogs and humans alike.

From the article – The Anatomy of a Great Dog Park:

“A lot of architects don’t really understand dogs. They’re designing parks as, ‘Well, let’s just put a fence around it,’” she says. “But when my dogs are in natural settings, they’re leaping over logs, they’re climbing on rocks, they’re going under logs. There’s a variety of different sensations you’re giving them, rather than just a flat, grass park with nothing in it.”

Important Design Elements for a Great Dog Park

  1. Give dogs room to roam.
  2. Set aside smaller spaces, too.
  3. Give them a challenge.
  4. Keep the water flowing.
  5. Rip out dangerous plants, and bolster helpful ones.
  6. Engage the human visitors.

For the exciting details, the full article here: How to design the best dog park.

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