Thoughts from Leslie: There’s no time like the present

Landscape Architecture BlogI love the winter, the stark images, the squeaking snow under my skis, the smooth glide of my skates on ice, and watching my dogs frolic and slide on the slopes like fur-bound toboggans. Spring is like watching my world wake up from a slumber, gently stretching towards the sun, unfurling each leaf like frozen fingers warming before a fire.

A week of stormy weather and a dreadful cold left me feeling that spring would never arrive. Yesterday, the sun peeked out from the clouds and I spent a few glorious moments in my garden. Gently, brushing dead foliage away from emerging buds, brings endless delight. The warmth of the sun on my back, the smell of the earth, thickening buds waiting to burst on each tree and shrub, seem to be the best tonic for the soul that I can imagine. It’s the anticipation that keeps me excited. Will my Fritillaria that I transplanted last fall come up? Will my imported peonies that I covered with mulch in the fall survive their second winter? Is it to early to plant my sweet peas? How early can I buy lady bugs to keep my mock orange free of aphids?

I have a few planting plans to do for clients in the next few weeks. I feel lucky that both clients also enjoy the discoveries of spring, and that I get to be a part of their excitement. This connection to the outdoors, this passion, this excitement it builds, this nurturing of the soul‑-I would be lost without it.


–Leslie Lowe LLA