EarthStar Farm, Whitefish, MT

Earth Star Farm Landscape Design

EarthStar Farm has been one of the most rewarding projects of my career. It is all about sustainable agriculture. My love of farm life and animals gets fulfilled each time I go on site. Susan and Chad, owners of EarthStar Farm, have created a profitable organic farm full of diversity. […]

Hugh Rogers WAG Dogpark Upgrades: Creek & Obstacle Course

dog park whitefish pond

In 2009, the Hugh Rogers WAG Dog Park opened in Whitefish Montana.  Between 2009 and 2014, trails were expanded, a pavilion was built and dog pond was created.  In 2017 we were ready for more changes. With every non-profit community organization, change occurs after fundraising. So this year, after a […]

Hugh Rogers WAG Dog Park, Whitefish, Montana

Leslie has worked with the Whitefish Animal Group, WAG, for over six years to create a wonderful playground for dogs and people. It is a 5.6 acre year round destination park with paved trails, pavilion, obstacle course, fenced small dog park, and a fenced large dog area with spectacular mountain […]

Fernie Railyard Dog Park, Fernie BC

Fernie Dog Park Master Plan Concept

Update, July 2016: Since our last post on this project, we have made strides in moving forward. Fernie Pets Society signed an agreement with the City of Fernie to utilize the Ridgemont site for a dog park. Beargrass created a master plan specific to that site, held public meetings and […]

Illich Residence, Montana

Illich Landscape Design Montana

The Illich residential project brought many design challenges.The existing house was on the shores of a small lake, where water rose ten feet above the official high water mark. The lower portion of the house flooded, and the decision was made to move the house to higher ground.As the Landscape […]

Master Plan, Clear Sky Centre, BC

Clear Sky Meditation Centre Landscape Design, BC

In the project for the Clear Sky Meditation and Study Center property in Fort Steele, BC, the master plan provides coherence, quality and balance between its grounds and buildings, paying special attention to land use in accordance with the overall spiritual character, future recreational development, grassland restoration and wildlife habitat […]

Sustainability: Food Forest Agriculture, BC

food forest design bc canada

This one-acre food forest site employs an integrated, sustainable agroforestry system that provides diverse harvests and builds soil health. This project is located at and lead by Clear Sky Centre, in South Eastern BC. The model tests diverse food plant varieties arranged into multiple canopy layers and alleys, including blueberry, […]

Boarding Kennel Design, Three Dog Ranch, Whitefish Montana

Kennel Landscape Design

Three Dog Ranch is a prominent boarding kennel in Whitefish, Montana. Leslie, while working for her former employer, Bruce Boody Landscape Architects, designed the new entryway with an accessible ramp and plantings, as well as creating a master plan with revised circulation, dog yards and areas for future development. One […]

Community Outreach

landscape architecture values

In conjunction with wildlife biologist and agrologist, Peter Davidson, Beargrass Landscape Architecture’s Leslie Lowe, was asked to develop a series of repeatable modules by Clear Sky Center, BC. One of the goals of Clear Sky Meditation and Study Center is to reach out to the larger community of the East […]